E Learning – Is now here at Onelife Training

E-learning with One Life Training
Not every business can afford the time required to send employees out to attend training courses – even though those courses can be vital to the health and safety of everyone in the company. So, is there another option?
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new e-learning courses, making training more accessible for everyone who needs it.
Our new courses offer a wide range of modules covering various aspects of Health & Safety and Health & Social Care. From first aid, food safety, manual handling and working in confined spaces to safeguarding, mental health and dementia awareness, and fire safety training for care homes, most required training is available to learn online.
A major benefit is the flexibility of e-learning – because not everyone learns at the same speed. The new courses are tutor-led and interactive, meaning trainees can learn at a pace to suit them. In addition, content can be looked over as often as required, so information will be remembered better.
The new e-learning courses are a cost-effective training method, and if you buy multiple courses you will receive a generous discount. What’s not to like?
But don’t take our word for it – try before you buy! We’re offering a free trial, so you can make sure this way of training suits your business, and your employees.
We’re still running traditional courses with experienced tutors, as for many courses you can’t beat practical experience and training.
One Life Training really does offer the best of both worlds.